Are the student of the University of Northern Virginia “luckier” than the Tri Valley University students?

When Tri Valley University (TVU) was raided, it was immediately shut down and the students found themselves in limbo to later find out that they went out of status.  On July 28, 2011, the FBI and ICE raided the University of Northern Virginia (UNVA), yet the school was not shut down and there are indications that students will be able to continue classes and maintain their status.

The question is whether it is a double standard or a lesson learned?

1. Unlike TVU, UNVA was not shut down;

2. So far we have not heard any students being questioned or “mistreated” by Homeland Security;

3. There is no panic or chaos as was the situation with TVU;

4. Students might be allowed to transfer unlike TVU students; and

5. There was some kind of guidance issued by ICE how to deal with the situation. Note that we recommend talking to an attorney before actually calling ICE, FBI or any governmental authorities.


Although it does not seem that the ANVU will result in the “chaos” of TVU, we advise caution on the students regarding dealing with the authorities.  It is recommended to be represented by counsel when you are dealing with any such authorities.

We wish all the innocent students of UNVA good luck. Should you need our assistance, feel free to call the Shah Peerally Law Group PC on 510.742.5887

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