Domestic Violence Against Men

By Shah Peerally

In what apparently is a progressive society, we often find shades of grey. Areas that people don’t realize exist or even don’t want to talk about. Domestic violence against men is an area that is often unrecognized and in many sections of the society even laughed at. But just because women are perceived as the weaker sex is not a reason to assume that domestic violence against men does not exist. In today’s parlance and times the very nature of abuse has changed and it is not always in terms of a wife beating up a husband. In that domestic violence can be different in each case and varied in nature, each more harrowing in fact than the other.

Of all the reported cases of domestic violence 50 to 60% of the abuses are against women. The other 40% are against men. The tragedy is that because of the pre-conceived notions of right and wrong that that many carry around in our society a lot of such cases are not even reported. More over men fear that if they do report such a case they would have to face ridicule from society and bear the tag of being a weakling. And yet what many think of as a laughing matter is actually a fairly serious matter and statistics show that around 300,000 men are abused in the United States every year.
Any kind of violence whether it is against men or women needs to be reported. Discrimination against any gender is injustice and a misuse of the laws of the land. There are again those women who misuse the laws that have been made to protect women from domestic violence and often threaten men against such action if they were to report them. This leads to a lot of men keeping quiet about their situation and bearing with it for good part of their lives.

The Shah Peerally Law firm has often fought such cases on behalf of their male clients, just as passionately as they have fought for the rights of a woman in female domestic violence. Our fir believes that both such cases need to be highlighted and both men and women should be very careful about practicing domestic violence because it can result in severe punishment according to the US laws.

Cases of violence against men especially in the immigrant community are probably more under-reported because of the cultural issues that are attached to the role of men in the immigrant community. It is time that people realize that domestic violence is not a “men exclusive club”. More and more experts are seeing that this phenomenon is a human problem altogether.

Experts say that while it has taken years of advocacy and support to encourage women to report against domestic violence. Virtually nothing has been done to encourage men to report abuse. This is more so keeping in mind social factors and fear of social boycott.
The reasons for domestic violence against men could be many and as wide ranging as that which happens with women. Even in cases when men do report domestic abuse and violence, most people and sometimes even law officers are so surprised, some even pass snide remarks. This usually leaves the already battered male with low confidence levels and shattered belief in the system of justice. As a result men end up that nobody would believe their case. This is more so because, it is widely assumed than a man with a bruise or black eye could have been in a fight with another man but not with a fight with a woman, especially not a wife.

Domestic violence against men often goes unrecognized because the incidents of domestic violence against men appears to be so low that it is hard to get reliable estimates or make men open up to report the case.

Perhaps this is why men often continue remaining in an abusive relationship, without reporting it or seek justice while trying to protect the children, because such men tend to assume that the blame or guilt of breaking up the family would be piled on them.

Immigration VAWA Petitions for men.

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