Marriage and Divorces – How far we have changed.

The split between Hindi film actor Hritik Roshan and his wife left many clueless and shocked and as always there were instant reactions and judgments on the what should have been s and they why and how of it. As a collective many of us think that they look happy and hence should not have split up perhaps.

It brings us back to the thought process that divorce is still an issue that people are pretty hung up about and whether the decision is about their friend’s or a celebrity, people feel that they should have an opinion about it.

To add to things there have been as many reactions to the divorce as there has been to Hritik’s announcement that it was his wife’s decision to separate. This, probably more so because till now it has always been the man’s prerogative to end or sustain a marriage?
Unfortunately, the Indian society and the system of marriages has had its effect on women and how they are treated even outside the country in foreign lands. There are many Indians who live abroad and they have to cope with their own set of problems.

In spite of the so called cultural advances, today just as in the past many women find themselves powerless in a situation or marriage where they often feel stuck but have no way of coming out. There have been plenty of women who have come to the US with a big American dream of a lovely life here, there are others who come with their husbands on H4 visas and find themselves trapped in situation where they are financially dependent and stuck in a relation. This has also led to many situations where women feel trapped but cannot come out of a strained relation because they either fear the backlash by the society or the implications thereof. The same happens for those who are married to US citizen spouses and are being emotionally or physically abused. Despite of the abuses, many are afraid to leave for fear of being deported. The truth is that many under VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) might actually be able to stay. Yet so few are informed, resulting again in bearing the abusive relationship.

It is time that as a society we realize that whether to stay in a relation or not, is as much a woman’s right as it is a man’s. The high profile divorce of Hritik Roshan and Suzanne only reinforces the fact that if a woman does not want to be in a relationship it is of no good for anyone to pressurize her into it, this would in fact not only mean double standards but lead to a the growth of more suppression of women, which is completely undesirable in a progressive society.

In lending their support to women whether in India or in the US parents of the girl need to play a major role, which can go a long way in increasing her confidence and correcting the lop-sided view that one has of marriage, even in today’s society. Moreover, the laws in the United States protect the immigrant victims of abuses, we should actually educate more people about them so that they make an intelligent decision in their relationship.

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