The Lost Dream – A movie on denials of non-immigrant visa at the US Consulate in India!

“The Lost Dream” is a pure fiction inspired by true current events. The movie covers actual hardships faced by many skilled professionals as well as American businesses needing their services while trying to get a visa to enter the United States.

Directed by Renato Asuncion with Joe Barcelone as ‘Trent’, the president of a heavy weight IT American company and Naz Khan as their lawyer ‘Sarah’, The Lost Dream revolves around the gripping and exciting story of the break of the American dream.

Shah Peerally Productions Inc., in this movie is trying to make a difference in American Immigration history by uncovering the human face behind the non –immigrant visa applications. This film is their effort to showcase the increasing lack of transparency in the system that denies work visas to those trying legally to make a living in America by honest means.
The movie wants to bring to light three important messages:

1. The arbitrary and capricious use of INA 221 (g), the section of law which is holding many visa applications in limbo by the State Department and the unfair number of denials of L1 and H1B visas by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services;
2. That legal immigration is healthy for the United States and the lack thereof can actually affect the United States economy; and
3. How the immigration system is a labyrinth which only experienced immigration lawyers can navigate and ignorance of the trade might result in a tragedy.

The story depicts an American company which goes through a nightmare because the key person behind the strategic technical support of the firm could not enter the United States on time. The fact that many Americans associated with this firm lost their jobs due to this incident is one of the factors that make this a sensational story.

Featuring: Joe Barcelone, Naz Khan, Chaz Laredo, Phil Tran, Jennifer Spence, Dan Tannehill, Mahesh Mishra, Harish Sharma, Waqas Younes, and Linton Lafitte
Music by Mahesh Mishra
Director: Renato Asuncion
Executive Producer: Shah Peerally
We hope you will enjoy this drama to be aired and possibly on other TV channels. Feel free to pass the link to friends and families.

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