Updates on Tri Valley University issues – January 26 2011

Having interviewed hundreds  on the Tri Valley issues, our firm has compiled the following :

1. Most of the students contacting our office are not the “criminals” that are being depicted by some people. In fact, most of them are very educated individuals with Masters degrees trying to either pursue additional education such as Phd. or additional Masters programs.
2. Seems that the DHS is claiming a 30 grace period yet there are no authorities (we are still looking for any statute or case law on this) to back their contentions. We are waiting to see what are their final instructions on the matter;
3. When we contacted neither DHS nor the State Department are not really able to give us a clear answer. However, they keep mentioning that some guide is going to be released by Thursday 28, 2011. But we cannot really rely on this information;
4. Few individuals have been placed on deportation/removal proceeding so far. Not surprisingly those were the students who volunteered information to the DHS. Again, please do not volunteer any information unless you are represented by an experienced immigration lawyer. Check the rules on “Know Your Rights” article;
5. Many students were on H4 prior to this event, we are hoping that DHS will allow them to do change of status. If the 30 days grace period is true, they should allow us to change their status. Few students, had already had an H1B, so at this point if an employer is willing to do an H1B transfer, please check with an attorney if it is a good option for you;
6. We are still looking into the possibilities of a U Visa. Unfortunately it seems the “criminal activity” is not falling within the requirements of a U Visa;
7. If you are placed in deportation (removal proceedings), you need to be represent by counsel. You might want to look into all the possible reliefs including asylum; and
8. It seems that the SEVIS is being transferred for some students. Unfortunately so far we do not have confirmation or first hand information on the matter.

Please make sure that you are ready for any case scenario. Our law firm call on everybody to support this cause. We believe that this is an unfair situation and many students are just victims of an unfortunate situation.

Feel free to call our office on 510 742 5887 or email us info@peerallylaw.com for more information

a. Call the representative (Congressperson or Senators) and tell them how this is unfair and impacting your lives; and
b. See if the Indian Consulate or your respective embassy can help on the matter.


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Information provided above is for educational purposes only.  One should not act or refrain to act solely based on the information provided.  You should consult an attorney to assess your case before proceeding.

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