Voice of TVU students – tell us your story and your thoughts

Some of students have agreed to anonymously to express their thoughts

I am student who transferred SEVIS from accredited university to this TVU in October 2010 after finishing my masters from SUNY Buffalo.

I have one question if F-1 student has to get admit in accredited university, then why it is still possible to transfer sevis from an accredited university to Non -Accredited University? It should have stopped from University level it self by allowing transfer just accredited universities. This is simple rule that government have had made it before to prevent such incidence rather then allowing it in first place. Government also should take responsibilities of such situation rather blaming every thing on students.

There are many unfortunate students like me who were misguided and misinformed and took transfer from accredited university to this TVU are in trouble now. And also dont have funds to represent their case by lawyers to US authorities.

I wish you convey this message to other media as you are in direct contact to them.

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