When it comes to your United States citizenship(Naturalization), patience is not a ‘real’ virtue!

While many people are eager to obtain their United States citizenship, many delay delay their citizenship applications or just do not want to file for citizenship/naturalization. We actually do not recommend delaying your application.

Few reasons why should you not delay your citizenship’s application?

1. If you are just a permanent residence (green card) and you need to travel abroad for a long time, you might ultimately place your permanent residence in jeopardy. Read our guide on Travel while on a Geen Card. A citizenship will allow you to stay outside the United States without losing your status;
2. Life is unpredictable, you might find yourself convicted of some criminal charges and ultimately be placed on removal proceedings or be removed from the United States;
3. Once you become a US citizen, you will be able to file immigration applications for your family members such as parents, siblings, spouses and have your case be processed faster. In case, your spouse or parent stayed overstayed, it might be the one of the only way to obtain a permanent residence for them without needing a waiver; and
4. Many rights comes with a citizenship comes such as the right to vote, the right to obtain certain jobs, the right to travel to some other countries without applying for a visa among many other rights.

There are many other reasons why waiting to file for a citizenship is not recommended. However, there might be some good reasons why some people might prefer to hold on before applying for their citizenship application.

Our law firm has handled many citizenship cases successfully. Some have even retained our office to expedite their citizenship applications. In fact, few weeks ago, our law firm won a difficult citizenship case where one client has been applying several times on his own for his citizenship/naturalization and was denied over a period of around 11 years. Our law firm took the case and within 4 months won it.

Shah Peerally

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Information provided above is for educational purposes only.  One should not act or refrain to act solely based on the information provided.  You should consult an attorney to assess your case before proceeding.

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